17th Mar, 2008

A 66 year old mystery ends...

Confirmation came through today that the wreck site of HMAS Sydney had been found.

So ends a 66 year old mystery of how 645 naval personnel onboard HMAS Sydney died, and simply disappeared. The wreckage of the German ship Kormoran has also been found.

Both are in deep water - both are mass grave sites.

26th Dec, 2007


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Should Boxing Day find you looking for something different to read, have I got a rec for you! :)

I found the following story yesterday, and finished the extant chapters this morning. It's aWiP, but don't let that deter you. I'll happily wait for as long as it takes the author to finish it - yes, it's that good.

I would call it a murder-mystery, except that you know fairly early in the piece whodunnit, but perhaps it's best just to say that it's a tragedy, and a damned good one too. I greedily read it and meant to review each chapter, but the urge to just keep reading was too great.

I saw the link on the hgss_digest yesterday, as I was procrastinating with my own writing and just looking for something to do for a few hours that didn't involve me having to try and write.

So, without further ado - go and read...

Sky is Falling by Angel Mischa. It's a ripper of a read.

It's variously rated M or R and it does have adult language and concepts. I'm not going to flag this entry, simply because I'd like to think most of you who will read this are mature enough to make up your own minds as to whether or not to actually click the link and read the story.

If you don't like good writing and a good tragic tale - don't read it, and if you're too young to read an M or R rating, just ignore this post. It's simple really. :P

The author's summary snagged my attention and this story has so few reviews...it deserves quite a few more.

5th Dec, 2007

At Any Moment

I've just finished writing the last sentence on the second part of The Last Secret. It is 7,000 words long, and it's left me completely wrung out.

Thank you to the two people who reviewed Part I at Ashwinder and the six people who reviewed it at the Pit of Voles. Without your support, I would not have started, nor finished this second part.

I'm not sure when I will have the last chapter up, but I can promise you that I will finish the story as soon as possible.

4th Dec, 2007

And so we begin again...

Well, I decided to join in the wave of refugees, though I shall keep the other journal for a while. I'll be more or less making duplicate posts, but am just having a break from the second part of The Last Secret, which currently stands at 6000 words. I have a horrible feeling it's going to be almost as long as the first part of the chapter.

This is a first for me - the thought of an 18,000 word chapter is pretty well unheard of given my writing style. The best I can hope for is that it isn't complete crap. :(

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